China Primary Forest data platform

Release date: March 2017

Author(s): Teng Fei (Wuhan University), Hao Wu (Greenpeace East Asia)

Language: Chinese

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The “Nature Guardian” data platform is an GIS information sharing platform that is produced by Greenpeace, and is open to the public for free. Greenpeace collaborated with academic institutions and used remote sensing, geographic information systems, and global positioning system technology to draw the most complete map of China’s primary forest for the first time. In addition, the platform also contains a large number of existing information on the distribution of forests in China.

According to the distribution map, China’s existing Primary forest area is 157.6668 million hectares, which only accounts for 7.59% of China’s forest area. Most of the primary forests have been incorporated into the existing protection system. However, some of them are still outside the scope of strict protection and are subject to human interference such as mining, logging, and excessive development. Greenpeace hopes to provide professional data for assessing the status quo of China primary forests and threats through information sharing on the “Nature Guardian” data platform. At the same time, it hopes to strengthen public understanding and participation in primary forest conservation.