Impact of industrial logging on Intact Forest Landscape (IFL) in Congo Basin

Release date: November 2017

Author(s): Adrien Corvisy

Language: English, French


This mapping study has two main objectives:
– to evaluate IFL loss in the Congo basin between 2000 and 2013;
– to evaluate the impact of certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a certification for responsive forestry, on IFL loss : does certification stop IFL loss? Or, to the contrary, are IFL being further destroyed with the stamp of approval of this “eco-friendly” label?
Our main conclusions are:
– Between 2000 and 2013, an area of IFL the size of Hungary was lost in the Congo basin
– The percentage of IFL loss in FSC-certified concessions was twice as high as the percentage of IFL loss in uncertified concessions
– Some FSC-certified concessions, like DANZER’s Ngombe concession in the Republic of Congo, showed an increase of the pace of IFL loss during their certification period

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