Release date: August 2017

Author(s): Vasily Yablokov, Ekaterina Chebanova, Alexey Drozdovskiy

Language: Russian, English

Project website

TheĀ “What does Moscow breathe?” map has been developed as a part of the Clean Air Now project (EU&Russia). Our goal is to improve the air quality in the city and reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Air pollution is an acute problem in all major cities, and non-environmentally friendly transport is the source of 90% of all harmful emissions.

To make the air cleaner, we need objective air quality data. We have created a convenient map that utilizes the official data of the “Mosecomonitoring” system provided by 56 stations in Moscow. This map allows the users to monitor the changes in air quality in different parts of the city for a particular period of time.

Our map is a tool which allows users to display the average air pollution figures for any hour, day or other period of time since July 5, 2017. Using the map, users can see how the concentration of any of the 15 pollutants changes over the course of the day and check at what hours and in what areas of the city the air is polluted the most. The map clearly shows the impact of various pollution sources on the quality of air. The data is continuously updated.

Website in Russian.

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