Livestock mega-farms in Belgium

Release date: June 2021

Author(s): Igor Glushkov

Language: Dutch, French

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Livestock factories are conquering the countryside in Belgium, while Flanders already has the second highest livestock concentration in Europe. The cattle industry primarily produces cheap meat for export. Due to the natural crisis, global warming and animal welfare, every new cattle factory is one too many. For local residents, such mega factories entail odor nuisance, health risks and so on.

View on the map all recent applications known to us for the construction of new mega-farms in Belgium. Click on an icon (chicken-pig-cow) and find out how many animals are involved and what the status of the permit application is. You can also check how many livestock is already present in the municipality by ticking a filter in the top left corner of the legend for #poultry, #pigs or #cattle (one species at a time, not at the same time). The darker the background color, the greater the livestock concentration in this region.