Mapping study of outdoor NO2 air pollution near nurseries and pre/primary schools in 3 urban areas in France

Release date: April, 2019

Author(s): Adrien Corvisy

Language: French

Project website

In France, the AASQAs, the official associations in charge of air pollution surveillance (gathering government, civil society, environment/health experts and private members), launched an opendata platform in september 2018 (AASQA, 2018). This platform allows all internauts to download a large panel of air pollution data like annual mean models of NO2/PM10/Ozone or peak pollution incidents.
In order to highlight the impact of road traffic on most vulnerable people, this study aims to use the AASQAs data to show how nurseries and pre/primary schools in 3 large cities in France (Lyon, Marseille and Strasbourg) are surrounded by outdoor NO2 air pollution.
The realization of this study was achieved in 4 main steps :
– Design of the strategy and technical methodology
– Creation of the most comprehensive and accurate database possible for the location of schools and nurseries
– Geo-processes (zonal statistics mainly)
– Setting of 3 intuitive and efficient webmaps
The project has received an exceptional coverage in France (broadcast in the 3 main french television newscasts, many radios, web, print…).