Near real-time global hotspots

Release date: August 2018

Author(s): Alexey Drozdovskiy

Language: English

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This map shows clusters of hotspots of the day (last 24 hours) provided by VIIRS sensor on Suomi-NPP satellite with a spatial resolution of 375 m. Each red dot represents a center of a 1 km area in radius, with more than 3 detected thermal anomalies. In real life a hotspot typically means fire, although occasionally it can be any thermal anomalies, such as lava or gas flares (refineries, oil rigs, etc). Such map doesn’t show reasons of fires but almost all of them are man-made (exceptionally they could be caused by dry lightning, volcano or meteorite).

Imagery basemap shows VIIRS imagery from Suomi-NPP satellite (NASA / NOAA / DoD) with resolution of 375 m delivered daily. If zoomed in close enough it is switching to latest Sentinel-2 (ESA) imagery with resolution 10 m delivered every 5 days and more frequently (depending on the latitude).

Sources of information:
Hotspot data – FIRMS
Sentinel-2 Imagery – Sentinel Hub
VIIRS Imagery – GIBS