StoryMaps for COVID response related issues

Release date: Jun-Jul 2020

Author(s): Anna Komarova, Elena Matveeva (Ru), Christoph Thies (De)

Language: Ru, De

Project website

The current COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected our way of life. But that’s not the first pandemic – and the previous ones were linked with the habitats’ loss and/or international animals’ trade. So in May-April 2019 Global Mapping Hub got requests from two offices and two different projects to show the story of previous pandemics. That were Forest project from Greenpeace Germany and Wildlife trade ban project from Greenpeace Russia.

It was interesting to map the spillovers. For both cases the Story Map approach was selected. Firstly we faced the problem of having the list of diseases to analyse. The workflow is illustrated here.

As a result of analysis we got the list of the first outbreak for each virus and mapped the locations.

Then we selected the 6 most damaging diseases (then the viruses caused epidemic with transfer ratio over 1.0) and maped all independent cases (when it was nature-to-human transmission) based on the data listed above and WHO data.



Finally, two StoryMap products were created. The first one (The Black Swan of virus, Ru) was focused on the stories of outbreaks, and the second one (Wie Wälder uns vor gefährlichen Krankheiten schützen können, De) investigates the link between forest habitats’ loss and diseases spillovers.