Threats to UNESCO sites

Release date: February, 2020

Author(s): Mihail Kreindlin, Alexey Drozdovskiy, Aleksandra Tevkina, Elena Makurina, Polina Stogniy, Olga Balashova, Dmitry Sedkov, Vasilisa Yagodina, Andrey Petrov

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This map allows to monitor the situation at UNESCO sites and get sight of existing threats for these objects on satellite images. You can compare images taken in the present and past time. Now there are four Russian natural sites “Golden Mountains of Altai”, “Western Caucasus”, “Virgin Komi Forests” and “Volcanoes of Kamchatka”. These objects are the most problematic of Russian sites. In 2020 the World Heritage Committee will discuss the protection and condition of these sites and “Lake Baikal”. More UNESCO sites are going to be added soon.