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Due to catastrophic wildfires every year we lose a huge amount of precious forests and peatlands. A geographic information system (GIS) & remote sensing help to detect, analyse, visualise, predict and fight wildland fires. Using satellite imagery and hot spots detection you can follow the current wildland fire situation in near real-time, analyse previous years fire data, see the temperature and wind forecast and make predictions for the upcoming days. Navigate on this map around the globe to see the current flames and load previous years fire statistics.

How to use the dashboard

On the main screen you see the map showing the selected area and real time hotspots. These are hotspots from the last hour, provided by the MODIS sensor on Terra and Aqua satellites with a spatial resolution of 1km. In real life a hotspot typically means fire, although occasionally it can be other thermal anomalies, such as lava or gas flares (refineries, oil rigs, etc). The map can’t show the causes of the fires but almost all of them are man-made. On rare occasions they may be the result of dry lightning, a volcano or meteorite.

By clicking on the “Data” icon you can add different layers and basemaps.

After selecting a country you will see the comparison of the current hotspots with the long-term averages (2001 - 2020). Data is updated every 12 hours. The chart shows 10-day moving averages caculated by smooth function. You can download this diagram on your computer.


Ilona Zhuravleva / Global Mapping Hub — idea, methodology
Grigory Kuksin & Lyuda Kryuchkovskaya — idea, methodology
Zhenya Naumova — management
Alexey Drozdovskiy / Global Mapping Hub — design, methodology, web development
Elena Makurina & Polina Stogniy — design
Tatiana Vasilieva — text

For any questions or collaboration please contact:
Zhenya Naumova zhenya.naumova@greenpeace.org

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