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The main goal of Greenpeace Global Mapping Hub is to create additional values for Greenpeace activities systematically providing with advises on GIS services can be used by Greenpeace offices and projects.
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Basis for campaigns

Analysis and mapping can be a good start for particular project or the whole campaign.

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Bearing witness

Satellite images can provide hard evidence without the cost and difficulty of putting people on the ground.

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Independence is the fundamental value of Greenpeace. Maps and spatial analysis give credibility and proof to any project.

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Easy communication

Mapping provides Greenpeace broad opportunities for popularizing conservation projects.



This map allows the users to monitor the changes in air quality in different parts of the city for a particular period of time.

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U.S. hazardous liquids pipelines spills

A new analysis from Greenpeace USA finds that the three companies have a legacy of pipeline spills from 2010 to present.

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Protecting forests & peatlands in Indonesia

In 2015, Indonesia suffered the worst forest fires this century, fuelled by decades of deforestation and peatland drainage.

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Intact Forest Landscapes worldwide

IFL extent for the year 2013, IFL area reduction from 2000 to 2013, and boundaries of geographic regions used for the analysis.


In Greenpeace family we have skilled staff in several national offices – around 15-20 people in total and this community is growing.

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