February 13, 2018

About us

Greenpeace Global Mapping Hub was established in 2017 to support Greenpeace worldwide and all National Greenpeace Offices by serving as a mapping advisory desk and building capacity in mapping. Within Greenpeace we have skilled staff in several national offices – around 15-20 people in total and this community is growing.

The main goal of Greenpeace Global Mapping Hub is to create additional value for Greenpeace activities through systematic advice on how GIS services can be used by Greenpeace offices and projects. Mapping provides a solid scientific basis for analysis as well as great tools for visualization, communication and mobilization, creating unique Greenpeace GIS products which are useful for the entire organization.

Mapping Hub also aims to organize rapid access to remote sensing and GIS data (eg high-resolution satellite images), to provide training programs inside Greenpeace and for other ecological NGOs and to network with other organisations related to mapping and monservation.

Mapping is already widely implemented in Greenpeace forests campaigns, and is being used successfully in an oil monitoring project. There is vital experience in using GIS in Oceans, Climate & Energy, Cities and even in Fundraising support.