Greenpeace Seoul held an Ocean Drone show on 18th, August at Seoul Forest Park in Korea to engage people and push the global leaders for a strong Global Ocean Treaty at UN BBMK IGC5 in New York from 15th to 26th, August

30×30: Protection at Sea

The time is running out to meet this goal and ocean threats are multiplying

This map keeps track of countries that have signed and ratified the Global Ocean Treaty. At the same time, it will help keep up the pressure on those that haven’t. It also paints a clear picture of what 30% and 50% ocean protection could look like and identifies the first set of priority areas to be protected under the Treaty.

Protect the Ocean map screenshot

It pinpoints the many threats facing our oceans and the areas in which they are most prevalent, including how fishing activity around the globe has increased  – information stemming from the new data analysis.

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