Break free from plastic stories

Thousands of people all over Turkey are fighting against plastic pollution to protect nature.

Get rid of plastic

Single-use plastics banned in the European Union should be banned in Turkey as well. Plastic straws, plates, forks, spoons and ear sticks… We do not need these alternative products. If we do not act immediately, our seas will turn into plastic garbage.

Our seas can’t handle any more pollution

Plastic was detected in 92.8% of deep-sea samples taken from the Mediterranean. There is 1 plastic waste per 4 square meters in the Mediterranean Basin. The biggest part of the problem is single-use plastics, which we use for 2 minutes and throw away.

The European Union has agreed to ban plastic straws, ear sticks, plates, forks, knives, spoons, drink stirrers, and foam food containers and drinking glasses. These alternative products should also be banned in Turkey. We must do this for a Turkey surrounded by seas, not plastics on three sides.