Turtles in Elphinstone Reef - Red Sea Coastal Development in Egypt - 2006

FSO SAFER operation monitoring

As we celebrate the successful oil transfer.. Oil companies still have to pay and fulfil their responsibility!

Collaboration triumphs to protect Red Sea, no thanks to Big Oil

Greenpeace celebrates the significant milestone in the effort to avoid a humanitarian and ecological crisis as the million-plus barrels of oil on board the decaying FSO SAFER have been safely transferred to a new vessel. While we mark this success, it is imperative to address the absence of accountability exhibited by the oil industry that has recorded staggering profits, but hasn’t yet shown any sense of responsibility. This status quo must change and these corporations must be held accountable and fund the forthcoming stages urgently.

The three-week long operation to drain the SAFER was completed with the oil now on board the newly renamed YEMEN supertanker. Here you can find more images of the operation process.

The risk of an oil spill or explosion was hanging over the heads of millions of people living in the region. Now that the oil has been transferred to a new vessel, the risk has significantly decreased. However the threat cannot be averted until a final solution is found and the oil is completely and safely removed from Yemeni waters.