Trouble in Paradise

Underwater investigation shows an alarming decline in fish resources in Taiwan

Xiao Liuqiu, a popular tourist destination with the stunning marine coral ecosystem, is only 8 nautical miles away from Taiwan. However, as the tourism industry continues to grow, this beautiful island faces severe ecological threats which will ultimately lead to negative impacts on the local community.

In August 2023, Greenpeace East Asia conducted an underwater investigation around  Xiao Liuqiu to better understand the current marine ecological status. In addition, 40 citizen scientists helped to collect underwater images in the surrounding waters.

Key findings:

  • There is a significant decline in both fish density and individual fish numbers. In addition, the size of fish has considerably shrunken.
  • There are indications of coral reef deterioration. Among six investigation areas, more than half of these areas’ coral coverage is below 30%.

This map illustrates how the marine resources of Xiao Liuqiu are at risk of depletion. Taiwan must pass an Ocean Conservation Law and create effective Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to save and restore marine ecosystems.

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