Under the topic: "A free Ukraine needs renewable energy", Ukrainian and Greenpeace activists are making a joint statement. The activists symbolically set up a wind turbine in front of the German Bundestag in Berlin. A banner is displayed that reads in Ukrainian and English: Free Ukraine Needs Green Energy.

Ukraine damage from space

This map draws attention to some of the nature zones that need immediate mechanisms and efforts to be restored

The webmap illustrates the cases when the serious damage to the Ukrainian environment was caused by Russian aggression. All cases were proved with satellite imagery (Planet, © 2022 Planet Labs PBC; Sentinel-2AB Copernicus Sentinel data 2022 – EO Browser, Sinergise Ltd.) and FIRMS data (NASA’s Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS), part of NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System – EOSDIS) in some cases.

Important! A lot of cases weren’t proved with satellite images – mostly due to lack of satellite imagery data (due to low temporal or spatial resolution). On average, just about 10% cases can be proved with satellite data. The full regularly updated set of all documented environmental damage cases is provided by Ecoaction and can be found here.